What is franchise Aquabitat?

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Carlos Pueyo and the franchise Aquabitat is the business support and logistics platform that allows its founder and designer Carlos Pueyo to have a technical and human team dedicated to the construction, installation and operation of underwater sculptures, artificial reefs and underwater theme parks.


Aquabitat is summarized as interactive art for environmental purposes and we have more than 25 years of experience designing, producing and installing underwater art.

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Aquabitat’s mission is to convert coastal areas into recreational and ecological areas. It also participates in projects that require the rescue of coastal and beach areas that have suffered deterioration due to human reasons or the effects of Nature itself, thus helping to regenerate the underwater environment in a matter of a few weeks and helping to decongest tourist traffic. of the generally damaged and overexploited natural areas.

Natural formations growing on artistic formations.

This system allows the artistic construction of large sculptures that have been designed to be completely hollow inside and allow the refuge of a multitude of species and underwater fauna, in these habitats they find ample refuge and protection from predators and the current. On the outside of its surface they also grow naturally and thanks to the textures and materials used, corals, sponges and a multitude of organisms that serve as food for the species that inhabit it and eventually transit through the ecosystem.

In the few weeks after their immersion, they become an authentic oasis of underwater interaction and the destination of many species that use the new habitat as a home.

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All the materials used in its construction are friendly to the environment. 





All the sculptures are conditioned to fulfill the same purpose: to have a great visual impact on their final design and to stimulate with their presence a completely self-sufficient and ecologically sustainable new underwater ecosystem, all in a delimited and buoyed space, safe and easily accessible for bathers, snorkels, divers and other ecological recreational activities within the same area.


Aquabitat combines art, cutting-edge technology and sustainable ecology.

Art and techology

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As it is an artistic process, each sculpture is a unique and unrepeatable piece of art signed by its designer and environmental sculptor Carlos Pueyo.

This new concept of non-mass ecological tourism represents a balance between sustainable development and family fun in intimate interaction with art and nature.




They do not use molds or make copies, being artistically exclusive and technically complex pieces, both in their work and elaboration and in the technology used in their ecological materials, which are used in the construction of all types of marine vessels: steel. , wood and fiberglass, in special cases carbon fiber is also used as structural reinforcement for sculptures that must withstand strong underwater currents or high intensity waves on its surface.

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The only limitation on designs is the imagination of its own author.

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Art and ecology combine to help and preserve one of the most important and vulnerable ecosystems on our planet, coral reefs. These ecosystems are an underwater structure built with calcium carbonate, the same component with which corals around the planet are created. Coral reefs are often called “jungles of the sea” as they form one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. Although they occupy less than 0.1% of the total surface of the oceans, they are the habitat of 25% of all marine species.

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These sculptures, due to their light weight, and unlike those made of concrete and cement, are much easier to transport, install, reconfigure in the seabed and eventually protect on the surface in the event of a hurricane or cyclone, for this way and later to be reinstalled in the same underwater pool where it was located, thus protecting the sculptures and their habitats from safe destruction, also the economic investment made.

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Artificial cement reefs are destroyed by hurricanes. Aquabitat uses another technology.

Aquabitat has experience in the use of different types of underwater night lighting, safe and efficient (24 Volts), as well as in the installation of digital cameras for the real-time transmission of images of submerged facilities and their 24-hour operation at 365 days a year. This tool helps in an outstanding way in the daily security and control of the tourist operation as well as its global media and advertising diffusion.

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Ecology and Entertainment

Ecotourism can be defined as an activity focused on enjoying natural diversity in an environment of harmony and balance with Nature.

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The sculptures and underwater parks Aquabitat allow you to enjoy the main and fun snorkeling activity. The distance between the bathers and the sculptures is approximately three meters in average depth, allowing the artistic details of each sculpture and the great variety of fish and marine life found in each one to be observed very clearly, obtaining an experience Intimate ecological in a safe space, in direct contact with nature, for all ages, fun and unique in its genre.



Aquabitat make it possible to create ecological, educational and recreational spaces with minimal maintenance needs and a notable advertising and media impact.

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Underwater art Carlos Pueyo Aquabitat 25
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This new type of sculpture and design of underwater habitat represents a true balance between unforeseen tourist development with the daily operation of limited groups of tourists, and the ecological protectionism of the seabed, since it promotes ecology, respect for life and non-invasive sustainable tourism that stimulates and protects marine ecosystems.

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Interior and exterior of underwater sculptures

Being considered the underwater facilities of Aquabitat as a type of ecologically sustainable business, there are also ample options to generate different ecologically sustainable economic benefits within the same recreation area, such as the main of the snorkel tours, dive shop and certification, Seatrek , Snuba rent, equipment and gift shop with generic merchandise, sale of personalized photography and video services for each group of bathers, rent of individual underwater ecological transport, restaurant … etc. 

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Unrepeatable pieces of art, sustainable ecology, interactive ecological tourism, cutting-edge technology and family entertainment for all ages, make Aquabitat an exclusive and different option for the protection and stimulation of coastal and beach areas and turn them into areas of ecological tourism and family entertainment.

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Aquabitat offers the perfect conditions to carry out environmental education and scientific research. We carry out periodic censuses of organic growth and biomass in each of the sculptures to make sure that it fulfills its purpose as well as being a unique work of art, in a short time it transforms into a completely self-sufficient new underwater ecosystem.

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